Poems by Rakesh Saraf

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‘Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words’, these were words uttered by the late Edgar Allen Poe. The magic of poetry has no bounds. It can make you feel great or take you on a magical journey of adventures. It has the power to impress and also, to some extent depress. 

Poetry has no language, it has no form, nor does it have a set structure. Yet, it breaks barriers and touches the hearts of those who read it. It is sometimes hidden, for it expresses the deepest parts of your soul or the depths of your emotions. The world is divided by boundaries, but it can be brough together by the power of words. Ranging from the heavenly english litearture to the wise hindi texts to the elegant urdu depths. No matter the language or culture, it brings people together. This art isn’t just art, it’s raw emotions that can move even the toughest of hearts. 

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