I died today, when
A Wellington farmer took
An afternoon nap, when
A Bali fisherman came in early, when
40,000 were born in India, when
A Bedouin found a goat missing in the desert, when
A Naples taxi driver lost control, when
A McDonalds in London caught fire, when
A hooker got her man in hattan, when
A 12 year old gave birth in Tijuana, when No one knew.

The ripple never grew
To a wave, but
Fell apart, and died
With me.

They grieved, those who knew.
Public, private, with Passion,
One eye on the clock, and
The other on a vision
Of me.

Memories are doomed
To suffocate, under
Healing minds. In no time
I become
A who, oh Yes,

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