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Some years back, my daughter told me that a publisher called Readomania was conducting a short story writing contest. The conditions, apart from the word count limit was that the story had to be about children with special needs. The top 20 would be published in a book, later entitled “Twilight’s Children.” I was inspired by this,

I wrote a story about Mannu an orphan girl child who is autistic and is adopted by an unlikely old man. The man was her mother’s boss and her mother had committed suicide and left a note for her boss asking his help in sending her to an orphanage. The adopter was to some extent fashioned after me, but with some major changes. I was not thrilled with the end result but I submitted it anyway.

To my utter surprise, my story was selected along with a story by my daughter, about twins, one of whom had Down’s Syndrome. This book I think set some kind of a record by being one that had stories by a father and the daughter in the same issue.

The book was given a fair amount of publicity. It is still available in hard cover.

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