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Quotes by Rakesh Saraf

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Words have power. They can make or break a story. If conveyed with emotions, they can move people beyond thought. But if conveyed rashly, they can break a spirit beyond repair. 

Artists are known to use their words carefully and portray a story that touches hearts. Words can create our perception and shape our beliefs. They are used to define our lives with the utmost clarity. They have shaped our world the way it is today.

When these words come together, they paint a picture in a narrative that would move people. Words can enhance a story, some of the greatest scripts were written with words that stay with us till date. 

Words illustrate lives and emotions, they take situations and turn them into a piece of art. They help us communicate and learn from each other. Without words, there would be no quotes and without quotes, we wouldn’t have been able to share the powerful deeds by some of the greatest minds on the planet. They bring the world together, no matter the language. Words put emotions together. 

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