About me


Rakesh Saraf, a New Delhi based Serial Entrepreneur was born in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, and spent his early years there. He went to school in the eastern Indian state of Orissa (now Odisha), attending a boarding school run by Scottish Baptists under the aegis of the British Council.

Having finished his O Levels he attended the Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, after which he went to London and did his CA/CPA. Thereafter he joined the London office of Peat Marwick (now KPMG) and transferred with them to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1975 as an Audit Supervisor. He left KPMG in 1977 and moved to Toronto to be employed by Pilkington Glass (later owned by the Ford Motor Company). He was then head hunted by KPMG for one of their UK clients that had taken over a tech company in Toronto as a CFO. In 1984, he was sought out by a KPMG affiliate in India, AF Ferguson and Co. to work in their Management Consultancy in New Delhi. This did not last long and he quit to join a small marketing consulting start up, after which he became a serial entrepreneur. He is presently managing diverse businesses in ITES, Digital Marketing, Corporate Training as well as Language Education.

Rakesh and his childhood sweetheart Roma have been married for 45 years now. They have 2 children. Their elder, Mira also a prolific writer, was in the Fashion industry in Canada for many years and now lives in Mumbai and helps her father run his companies. Their son, Arjun, a CPA, lives in Toronto.

Rakesh has written poetry most of his life and has also written many short stories which he hopes to publish someday. “The Path to Redemption,” his first long form novel, is a labour of love started back in 2014, abandoned for a while and then completed in 2018/19.

A Passionate Individual


Rakesh is an avid reader and writer. A published writer, he enjoys the literary arts by writing poems and short stories for his readers on social media. His soon to be published book ‘The Path to Redemption’ is his first long format work.


As a serial entrepreneur, Rakesh established his company under the name Windsor Petrochemicals in 1996. 24 years later, his company has branched out into various groups and industries as Windsor Speciality Services which he handles with full relish.


As an ardent traveller, he loves to learn about new cultures while meeting new people. He has lived in Canada, Britain and Singapore, and visited a number of other countries including France, Peru, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia among others.

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