I see them wherever I go

Photos of the stars of yore

And the change, sad but true

As they age and wrinkle too


I see old friends and wonder where

Their fresh and youthful faces went

When they smile with folds of skin

Why was I spared any of this ?


I have remained forever young

The picture on the wall still is me

The mirror I look in does not lie

The picture on the wall is still I.


No one asks me why I don’t age

Why I remain a boyish rage

The smile that broke so many hearts

Will I still look this way with age?


Alas the picture fell on Monday morn

Smashed beyond repair picture torn

Tuesday I saw a face so worn and old

In the mirror, ugly if truth be told


How can I look worn and old

When yesterday I was just a boy

Where is the real me, I ask and pray

The one and only Dorian Gray?


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