I stand for nothing my friend
My stand is against everything
That went before me,
I will bring down everything built
Before me, but me.

When I came to the fore
The world looked at me askance
I mesmerized them all with
My passion and my voice
Till except for me they had no choice

Now I rule all that I can see
Rulers of yore are prisoners of mine
They are mocked and ridiculed
By those who were theirs before
But now are mine for evermore

I must continue my conquest
Rule everyone at my behest
To think will soon be a crime
To act against me would be folly
Punishable by death at best

My crimes are those of justice
My justice and not those of yore
My justice is swift if not just
Who wants a trial when I am the best?

One day I will be too old to rule
The world will not be the same
The mark I leave will be a stain
On freedom, on trust, on truth
Will I care, my answer is forsooth


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