Whether we live or we die young
It never works the way you feel
Wishing for death is a coward’s work
Making it happen is the real deal

Being a coward who wishes an end
To a life beset with misery and fear
Is easy to do without effort or pluck
Try living without those who are dear

I made a pact with the Anti-Christ
My death for the price of my soul
He took my soul and left me bare
Living in misery has taken its toll

The buttons of life and of death
Lie in the hands of others than us
Wishing for one or the other is for fools
They know naught of who decides for us.

Take charge you fool, you witless fool
Life is to be lived, so live it well and deep
Don’t wish for death you ungrateful wretch
Live life to the fullest, until you finally sleep


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