I look inside and see the signs
Of despair, of ache, of solitude
I smile at the image in my mind
The child who hungered for love

I look at the white lines of life
Waiting for me to live again
Neat and clean on the glass
Come and breathe us they say

Another world awaits me now
That of bliss and free from pain
The dread of dying gone for now
Feeling like I am flying again

Another life, another place than now
Brought joy and pain in equal parts
The joy left, the pain to rule alone
My eyes hungered for one more start

My eyes are hollow my body is thin
The powder killed both huger and pain
My heart bleeds from tears of sorrow
Will my life ever start again

It won’t be long now, so they say
When I will pass in a haze of white
I long for that endless sleep now
My God, please finally put out the light


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