The days went by at the speed of light

The months and years of yesterday

Living was easy, no end in sight

We would live forever and a day


Years went by at the speed of months

Months at the speed of days

The fences I easily vaulted before

Now look taller than a hedge in a maze


Milestones went by, too fast to count

Thirty, became forty, became fifty so quick

At sixty I asked no one what happened to me

Knowing my life could be over in a blink


Age is not a number anymore my friend

When young it sure felt that way

The aches and pains of living your life

Grow stronger with every passing day


My fast is slow for the young of today

Limbs weaker than they ever have been

Stairs are an easy way to slip and fall

Sight and hearing are not so keen


Once upon a life I lived so well

Climbed and ran with consummate ease

I cared naught for a painful coming

Of a tomorrow without a future to see.


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