This is my life and it has been long

The path of life is long indeed, my friend.

With the end of the journey now in sight

The truth of life stares me in the end


While friends aplenty have come and gone

Enemies are few, in fact only one to see

Not man, nor animal or a creature of the sea

Time has truly been my greatest enemy


No time to pause, no time to smile

No time to think, or to rest awhile

Time has sped and raced much faster than I

My life has passed like the blink of an eye.


Now comes the eleventh hour of life

And I wish to end both sorrow and strife

Days and nights now pass at higher speed

Time is life’s worst enemy indeed.


Eternity awaits on the other side, I’m told

But all that glitters is certainly not gold

Will time change from enemy to friend?

I will not know this until the end.


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