The door is closed, the window broke
My eyes looked left and saw naught
They looked right and saw a knot
In my life, my mind, my soul.

Come to the window to see it all
Be it the sun or be it rain that falls
A broken tile lies alone in the yard
A ray of the sun shines like a shard

I kicked a broken bottle at my feet
It screamed in pain that sounded neat
It came back to me looking for more
I stepped on it and kicked it like before

When will they stop eating our flesh
The blood they sucked has long been gone
They are few but their might is great
The rest of us are nameless drones

The magic they weave is meant to deceive
Drones like us are made to believe
Their lies are true and the truth is a lie
Toothless drones are happy to live and die.

Will the day of reckoning ever come to pass
Will they ever pay for preying on the weak
Is there really a God and heaven and hell
Or are they inventions to oppress the meek?


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