When will we arise and fight?

When will too much be too much?

When will we ask those questions?

When will we hold them to account?

We have heard the lies and half-truths

We have seen the strong exploit the weak

We have watched silently as innocents die

At the very hands we put the weapons in.

Is there truly a God who sees everything?

The one who holds us all to account?

Is he a figment of our imagination?

Are things really run by the devil?

Yesterday it was someone who was a stranger

Today it is someone I knew but not well

Tomorrow it will be my kith and kin

One day soon my turn will come.

Have you abandoned us my Lord?

Are you so tired of the human race?

Is it you who made the unfeeling strongmen

Run this world at their whim and will?

We are all hollow and spineless beings

We have feet of clay and sinews of mush

We have given ourselves up in surrender

To be the serfs of the strong and the devil

A day will come when the children of today

Will wake and see the world for what it really is

Then the world will see strife like never before

And when it is over the children will have won.


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