The guilt that haunts me every day

The doubt, the what if and I wish, remain

The clock is remorseless and won’t look back

My heart is frozen in time, it is plain


The warmth of her kisses and hugs

Still linger in my heart like yesterday

Though she went away a long time ago

To find a new love, a new start, a new day


I did her wrong, I hurt her I know now,

I wasn’t true to her and her purest soul

I did not love her as I could have my lord

I failed her in love and that took its toll.


Wishes aren’t horses and I cannot ride

I miss her eyes and I miss her smile

Her laughter still rings loud in my ears

Although I haven’t seen her in quite a while


If I could, I would make it right again

Cherish her and love her with all my heart

Alas she no longer loves me like before

With a new love she is looking for a new start


Time stretches ahead like a yawning chasm

Every day feels like a century is passing

I cry tears of blood for what I have lost in life

And pray for a death that is long in coming


A fresh start is what I need today my lord

A fresh chance at winning her back again

My head tells me this will never happen

My heart is the one that wants it again


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