Have you seen wondrous love?

You won’t until you see this one

The torch that she carries for me

Has much more power than the sun

Legendary lovers fall pale and weak

In front of the passion inside her

Not Juliet, nor Laila can compare

To even one thread of her hair

I bow my head in front of the love

That she has in her heart for me

Unworthy though I am of this love

I fear for the heartbreak that she will see

Her love could inspire writers to write

Her passion dripping from their pens

They would still fall short of the mark

No words can show what her love has meant

My love for her is feeble but pure

She makes my love looks small for sure

The tragedy of this Juliet’s love is clear

No one will know about it for many a year

My time will come soon to go

To a place where she can’t follow

My time is short, my body fails me

Soon I will be but a memory.

What will become of you, my love?

When I am no longer there for you to see

In whose arms will you rest your body

On whose shoulder would you rest your head

And wait for eternity.


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