The echo of a soaring eagle’s cry

As he wings his way who knows where

The wail of an expectant mother

The cry of the newborn baby

Sounds, sounds of everyday life

But wait! What do I hear now?

Is that a chorus of angels singing

Or the wail of mourners at a wake

I feel no pain, I feel no sorrow

I feel nothing but calm and peace

I glow with the light of a thousand candles

I shine over the night below

Where I am I do not know

Is this heaven or is this hell I do not know

Is it another place that man will never know

Am I going somewhere, I do not know

I felt no death, no pain the end of life

I was lying on a bed but now I float and fly

Being and unbeing was in the blink of an eye

Now I wait for what I do not know.

Is there a God, I do not know

Is there a reckoning, I do not know

Will there be penance, I do not know

Does it really matter, I do not know.


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