Is there more to life than life itself

Is flesh and blood all there is to living

Is being and unbeing the end of all

Would there be not a trace left behind?


My life is more than flesh and blood I say

That is not even a quarter of what I am

My thoughts, emotions, memories

Are greater than the flesh and blood in me


My experiences, my memories, the books

The love, the hate, the loss and regret

What will happen to them when I go

Will they be interred with my body, as a set?


Is there a scheme in your control my Lord,

To parcel and preserve this part of me,

So, when the body is no longer in this world

I will live on as if in virtual reality.


Why send men to walk on the moon

Why send pointless rockets to Mars

We need a means to stay beyond our lives

So, we can be alive when we are dead


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